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At Daycon Distributors, we are specialist barcode label suppliers and manufacturers in Australia producing quality barcode labels which always scan correctly. Our expertise is based on over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing customised labels, including a wide range of barcode labels used to accurately track stock and valuable assets, from office furniture to food products.

What is a Barcode?

Barcodes facilitate improved productivity and accuracy at a relatively low cost compared to human data entry on a keyboard. They are a simple, convenient way to register and track items. A barcode is made up of a combination of letters and numbers represented by bars of varying width. The barcode is connected to a database, so that when it is scanned, information can be accessed about the particular item, product or other stored data. A barcode scanner reads the width of the bars and the spaces in a barcode to reveal the data embedded in that barcode.

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Custom Printed Barcode Labels made by Daycon Distributors in Australia

Which Type of Barcode Do You Need?

There are many different types of symbologies for barcodes. The type of barcode you need will generally depend on what you are using it for and may also be determined by the type of barcode used to read the barcode.

Examples of different barcode types

  • EAN 8 and EAN 13 - Retail or Grocery barcodes – numeric fixed length barcode
  • CODE 39 - Many industries – alphanumeric barcode
  • UPC - Worldwide retail
  • MSI - Used for warehousing
  • CODABAR - Industrial, wholesale, libraries – numeric barcode

Where are Barcodes Used?

  • Track-and-Trace barcode labels
  • Freight and Shipping Labels
  • Sequentially numbered and barcoded labels
  • Warehouse racking location labels
  • Stock and inventory tracking
  • Security and asset tracking labels
  • Barcode file location labels
  • Document management barcodes
  • Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels
Quality Printed Barcode Labels by Daycon Distributors

Delivering Quality Barcode Labels to businesses all over Australia

Our experienced team can assist with printed variable data barcode labels with custom label designs and label stock for many different environments, such as simple grocery barcodes, freezers or chemicals – whatever you require. We can print your labels in duplicate, in an irregular shape, add your logo or stick to basic information, using thermal or direct thermal materials – whatever you require.

Rest assured, at Daycon Distributors, no matter what your barcode label printing needs are, our specialist team can expertly assist you. Our job is to take the worry out of your label printing. All our labels are printed right here in our Australian factory, helping to sustain local Australian jobs.

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