Ink or Flexographic Printed Sticky Labels

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For the premium presentation of your product, ink, flexo label printing (or flexographic label printing ) produces outstanding results. Known for its rapid speed, reliability, flexibility and quality label presentation, ink or flexographic printing is a widely used label production process.

Why Use Flexographic Printing?

Flexo printing is commonly used to produce medium to large volume print runs. It’s a versatile label solution using a combination of spot and process colours using UV inks.

At Daycon Distributors, we use a high-speed Italian manufactured label press. Through the combination of our skilled flexographic print team and our machine’s high-speed rotary function, we produce quality labels at a fast rate with maximum efficiency.

Using up to 8 separate colours, this type of printing can be produced on various label stocks. We can also offer special high gloss finishes and screens to enhance your label’s artwork. Or you may prefer us to laminate or varnish your labels for that final finishing touch and extra durability.


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Flexographic Printed Labels Flexographic Printed Labels

Common Uses for Ink or Flexo Printed Sticky Labels

Flexo printing is widely used for a variety of packed products. We offer a range of ink or flexographic printing solutions, and these labels can be used on:

This versatile type of printing is suited to labels with large areas of a solid colour and can be used to print on non-porous materials.

Achieving Premium Quality at a Reasonable Price

Over recent years, changes to ink or flexo label printing technology and printing presses now ensure the quality is comparable to other traditional print methods, such as offset or screen printing – at a fraction of the price.

Flexographic printing is great value for large print runs – ask us for a quote.

Quality Printed Labels

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