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Direct Thermal Labels or Thermal Transfer Labels – we can help

We manufacture Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels in a wide range of quality papers and synthetics, matched with permanent or removable adhesives. These labels are perfect for in-house and on demand printing for all your retail, logistics or office label needs. Depending on your application, you will need to choose which type of thermal label is best suited for your specific needs – Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Labels.


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Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels
Direct Thermal Labaels

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels are produced using Direct Thermal printing, which requires no ribbon. This type of label printing is cost-effective and ideal for short term use, such as shipping, freight, warehouse or price labelling.

We use and recommend premium grade direct thermal papers for the best results, particularly with shipping and freight. Direct thermal synthetics can be used for chilled and frozen foods where there is exposure to high levels of moisture.

Need plain white or tinted direct thermal labels? We specialise in them. Both are available in permanent or removable adhesive, depending on your application.

We manufacture all labels to any size required for your application. Labels are supplied in the correct diameter size for your thermal printer.

Direct Thermal Labaels

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer labels are produced using a Thermal printer with a ribbon, resulting in higher quality and a sharper print image. For this type of printing, we use and recommend quality papers and synthetic stock. Thermal Ribbons are available in various colours, not just black – and we can supply your thermal ribbons as well.

Thermal transfer printing provides longer lasting images for applications such as food labels for fridge or freezer, production identification labels, barcode labels, chemical or asset labelling, healthcare and retail labels.

Your labels are supplied on the correct core size and width to suit your direct thermal printer. When it comes to outdoor applications, various thermal transfer synthetic label options are available. Thermal transfer labels are particularly useful anywhere moisture is present, or high scuffing is likely to occur.

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