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Chemicals can be dangerous when not handled correctly

Having the right labels on dangerous or hazardous materials is the first step in making sure legal standards are upheld and all parties are aware of the potential hazard.

Whether you’re a chemical manufacturer, importer, supplier or a business which uses hazardous chemicals, it is your responsibility to make sure those chemicals are accurately labelled. Your labels must be printed on specific materials, printed with particular inks and the correct adhesive used.


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Chemical Labaels

Labels for all Chemicals

There are three main reasons why you need quality labels for your chemicals:

  1. To confirm each chemical is correctly labelled with all the information about contents – so that all team members know which chemical is which.
  2. To ensure every person who handles the contents knows what each chemical can be used for, how to use it correctly and what to do in case of an emergency. With some specific poisons, there is a requirement to include the Poisons Information Line phone number or other emergency hotline number.
  3. To comply with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Under GHS standards, all manufacturers, importers and suppliers of chemical compounds must ensure hazardous goods are identified in the same way.

We make quality chemical labels for all types of consumer products, bulk containers, small containers, cleaning chemicals, agricultural and veterinary chemicals. Whether you require labels which are laminated or non-laminated, we can deliver.

Complying with Australian Standards

Under Australian WHS laws, all hazardous chemicals must be prepared in accordance with the model Code of Practice: Labelling of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals. All labels on hazardous chemicals must clearly identify the potential hazard/s and provide instructions on safe use. The GHS label is also required for any chemical which is intended for primarily workplace use.

This means you need the right type, shape and size labels with the correct symbols/pictograms under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, and that information is conveyed quickly and easily where there is a potential hazard.

With 30+ years’ experience in label printing, we understand the importance of following such standards and we will print the right type of labels to ensure you comply with those standards, no matter how small or large your containers are. Our quality labels are delivered on handy rolls, ready for application during your manufacturing process.

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