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Food labels may not seem like a big deal, but they are an important part of your product presentation

Quality food labels can make the difference between people looking at your products on the shelf or walking away from them. You need labels that adhere to the glass or product container that will last the full product life.  Additionally, having a label that's easy well designed making it easy to read will help in your product presentation and make your brand memorable.

We are an Australian Label Manufacturer of Food and Beverage Labels

The sky is the limit with your food and drink labels. We can make your labels that showcase your branding (logo and colours) and make your products easily read.  Additionally, we can add your GS1 Barcode and ensure scan-ability so your products meet with the GS1 Guidelines. Your label can be a custom label shape and design, size and print quantity, is clearly mapped out with our team. Your artwork signed off with your approval and we'll have your labels printed and delivered to your door.

Food and Drink Labels

Food and drink labels - Australian made, local manufacturer in Australia. Food product labels - Australian made, local manufacturer in Australia.
Food Labels from Fresh Fodder

Food and Drink Labels made to last the life of your product

Daycon is a professional printing company with over 30 years experience in providing high quality labels for retailers, small and large industry across Australia. We help you create beautiful, vibrant food labels on high quality, label stock that will make your products look great and stand out from the competition. All our food labels are supplied on easy to handle rolls, and are manufactured using quality label material with adhesive that will last through shelf life, refrigeration and freezing without fading or peeling off.

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