Country of Origin Labels

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Ensure your Country of Origin labels comply with legal requirements

We print clear, easy-to-read labels which help you comply with the Australian Consumer Law’s Country of Origin labelling requirements, conveying the right information to the consumer.

Did you know?

If you’re selling packaged food items in Australia, chances are, you need Country of Origin labels for your products. As of 1 July 2018, these labels became mandatory under Australian Consumer Law.

Your labels must clearly show whether the food was grown, produced, made or packed in Australia or another country. This includes items such as tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, bottled water, seasonings, honey, confectionery, biscuits and snack foods, soft drinks and sports drinks, and more.


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Country of Origin Labels

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FAQ about Country of Origin Labels

Does country a of origin label need to be on packaging in Australia?

In Australia, the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 (Standard) regulates the Country of origin information that must be provided for most food that is offered or suitable for sale.  If you are a retailer,  producer, manufacturer, processor, or an  importer, you can learn more about your obligations from the ACCC website here

Do I need a Country of Origin label?

In Australia you are required to display a Country of Origin label to show where a product was made, grown, produced, packed or from which country it was imported. If you are selling food products in the retail sector, it mostly will most likely require a Country of Origin Food label. 

What is a Country of Origin Label?

A Country of origin food label can be found on many edible products and can help consumers find out which country where a product originates. If your business is a supplier of food for retail sale in Australia, the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code may apply to your products. There are many guidelines on what your label should say which can be found here

Clearly show where your products orginate

Show Consumers Where Your Product is made

When buying food and other goods, consumers are often influenced by where the item has been grown, produced or made. If an item is labelled “Made in Australia”, it’s a sign the item has been made using the safe food production methods we have become known for across the world.

So, it’s important to highlight whether your product is:

  • Made in Australia
  • Grown in Australia
  • A Product of Australia or
  • Packed in Australia

If it is imported from another country, your labelling must show the country where your product has been imported from.

Country of Origin Labels

Quality Country of Origin labels for your products

Daycon Distributors manufacture quality labels to match the calibre of your product/s. Our friendly, experienced team are ready and waiting to speak with you about your label requirements, and we’re happy to share our comprehensive knowledge of all things labels and stickers. We pride ourselves on being professional and approachable, with great deliverability.

Wherever your product was made, grown or produced, we can deliver the exact Country of Origin labels you require. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve helped thousands of Australian businesses produce outstanding labels and stickers to highlight their products and are compliant with consumer law.

We truly care about our customers and the quality labels we produce for you.

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