Custom Asset Labels

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We have the asset label solution to suit your needs - whether you’re tracking inventory, identifying items stored in a warehouse or labelling office or factory equipment.

What are Asset Labels?

Put simply, an asset label is a durable sticky label used to identify and track any physical asset which belongs to your business or entity. This may include inventory, stock, office furniture, equipment, computers and laptops, printers, machinery, tools, vehicles, electronics, medical equipment, hire equipment, storage racks and any removable items.

The code we print onto the asset label enables quick and easy identification via a unique barcode, QR code or serial number – whatever suits your requirements. Once scanned, the code reveals the owner’s name and details, and may also include shelf life where appropriate, plus the date of purchase and price paid, if required, and any other relevant information about the item.

Custom Asset Labels

Long-lasting Security Labels on Quality Stock

Asset labels need to be durable and permanent to ensure they do their job of protecting your valuables. We use high quality materials including various synthetics, such as silver and white polyester or polypropylene, which are strong and resilient – so they stay in place for years. This helps protect your valuables from being stolen or transferred to the wrong area.

Features of Daycon asset labels

  • Customised with your company logo or colours for added brand recognition
  • Choose from polypropylene, or silver, white or clear polyester stock
  • Laminated to enhance durability
  • Strong, permanent adhesive for use on surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, polycarbonate, painted surfaces and more
  • Water, dirt and oil resistant
  • Resilient, tear-proof material
  • We can print any size, design, colour or layout you require

Barcode Labels Help with Inventory Tracking

Using a barcode on your asset labels helps maximise efficiency through error-free, machine-readable labels which are easily scanned to reveal all the important information about an asset. Barcodes speed up data entry and help minimize errors. It can also provide secure access to records and information for selected team members if required.

Barcodes enable you to identify, monitor, track and maintain your valuable inventory, property and assets.

Quality printed barcode Labels that scan every time

Label Manufacturing Specialists

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing quality labels and stickers, our team of label making specialists have the knowledge and expertise to provide the perfect solution for your asset label requirements.

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